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HTML Question Paper and Answers (HTML Q&A) For CBSE Class 7, 8, 9, 10 for 2022-23

HTML Question Paper and Answers (HTML Q&A) For CBSE Class 7, 8, 9, 10

HTML Tutorial and HTML Questions Answers (HTML Q&A) For CBSE Class 7, 8, 9, 10 pdf download

CBSE HTML Basics Questions Answers 2022-23

HTML Tutorial and HTML Questions Answers (HTML Q&A)

For State Board and CBSE Board Students

Q.1. What is HTML?

A. HTML is a Web Designing Language used to create and design webpage. HTML is a Markup language instead programming language.

Q.2. What is the Full Form of HTML?

A. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

Q.3. What is a web page?

A. A single page of a website is called web page. Its used for spread information & services to the users.

Q.4. What do you know about Home Page?

A. Front page of a website is called Home Page. Home Page shows the main attraction to the users.

Q. 5. What is the history of HTML?

A. HTML was developed by Sir Tim Berners Lee in late 1991 but was not released, than published in 1995 as HTML 2.0. HTML 4.01 was published in 1999 and was a main version of HTML.

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Q.6. How many types of tags in HTML?

A. There are 2 types of tags in HTML.

1. Container Tag Contain start and end tag both. Ex.
2. Empty Tag Contain only start tag. Ex.

Q.7. What is Container Tag? Define Container Tag in HTML.

A. In HTML, Those tag who has start tag and close tag both with self those tags are called

Container Tag.

Example of Container Tag : <title> ………. </title>

Q.8. What is Empty Tag in HTML?

A. Those tag who has only opening/start tag with self not contained close/end tag.

Example of Empty Tag : <br> , <hr> etc.

Q.9. How will you start a code or program of HTML? Which tag is used for that?

A. <html> tag is used to start a html program file and end with </html> tag.

Q.10 What is the use of <title> tag in HTML?

A. Title tag is used to give a title name of a Web Page that shows on the title bar.

Q.11 How many parts have by a HTML program?

A. There are two parts of a HTML program.

  1. Head Part
  2. Body Part

Q.12 Write a structure of a html program.

A. <html>

<head> <title> Html Intro </title> </head>

<body bgcolor=”blue”>

<p> This is a paragraph. </p>



Q. 13. What do you mean by <p> tag?

A. <p> tag is used to create paragraphs in a html Web page. This is a container tag.

Q. 14. How do you insert background image in a html page? Write the html code to insert background image.

A. <body background=”image address ” > is used to insert image in a html Web page. Background attribute is the part of body tag.

Q. 15. How can set background colour of a html document?

A. <body bgcolor=”green” > is used to set background colour green. Bg color attribute is used to set background colour of a html page. We can use colour name and colour code to set a particular colour.

Q. 16. What is img tag in htm? Write the code to insert an image in a html document.

A. <img> tag is used to insert an image in html document. You can use src attribute to use a particular image in your html document.
Ex. <IMG SRC=”address of image” >
You just paste the desired address of image that is available in your system.

Q. 17. What is hyperlink?

A. Hyperlink is a type of text link that is connected to another page or content. It shoes in blue colour may be in underline.
In html anchor <a> tag is used to insert or create a hyperlink in a html document.

Q. 18. How will you link any website in your html document?

A. <a> Anchor tag is used to create a link, we can link any website using below given html code.
<a href=www.google.com> Google </a>

Q. 19. How many parts have an HTML document?

A. An HTML document has two main parts.
1. Head Part- Contains all head or title tags.
2. Body Part- Contains all main tags or information.

Q. 20. Give some examples of empty tags with use of empty tags.

A. <br> tag is used for break a line in a web page.
<hr> tag is used for create an horizontal line in a web page.

Q. 21. How can we create a list? How many types of list in HTML? Define list tags with code.

A. We can create 2 types of list in HTML document.
1. Ordered List <ol> tag: ol tag is used to create an ordered list in a HTML document. Like a, b, c, 1,2,3, etc
2. Unordered List <ul> tag: ul tag is used to create an unordered list in a HTML document. Like bullet list, square list etc.

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Q. 22. What is heading tag in HTML? How many types of Heading tags in HTML?

A. Heading tag <head> is used for give heading of any topic or paragraph in HTML. There are six heading tags in HTML.

  1. <H1>
  2. <H2>
  3. <H3>
  4. <H4>
  5. <H5>
  6. <H6>
    Example of head tag :

Q. 23. What is subscript and superscript in HTML? Give example.

A. <sub> tag is used to make a subscript and <sup> tag is used to make a superscript value in HTML page.

Q. 24. Write the examples/codes of subscript and superscript.

A. H<sub>2</sub>O
Results => H2O (science)
A Square (math)

Q.25. What is forms in html? Define forms elements.

A. Forms are enclosed in the HTML <form> element. This element specifies the communication endpoint the data entered into the form should be submitted to, and the method of submitting the data, GET or POST.

Elements of HTML Forms:
Forms can be made up of standard graphical user interface elements:

  • <text> — a simple text box that allows input of a single line of text.
  • <email> – a type of <text> that requires a partially validated email address
  • <number> – a type of <text> that requires a number
  • <password> – similar to <text>, it is used for security purposes, in which the characters typed in are invisible or replaced by symbols
  • <radio> — a radio button is used ti insert radio button in form, user can select only one from given options.
  • <file> — a file select control for uploading a file
  • <reset> — a reset button that, when activated, tells the browser to restore the values to their initial values.
  • <submit> — a button that tells the browser to take action on the form (typically to send it to a server)
  • <textarea> — much like the <text> input field except a <textarea> allows for multiple rows of data to be shown and entered
  • <select> — a drop-down list that displays a list of items a user can select from

The sample image on the right shows most of these elements:

a text box asking for your name

html forms and elements
html forms and elements examples image of forms
  1. A pair of radio buttons asking you to pick your gender
  2. A select box giving you a list of eye colors to choose from
  3. A pair of check boxes to click on if they apply to you
  4. A text area to describe your athletic ability
  5. A submit button to send it to the server

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