CBSE Opportunity for Teachers to undertake Action Research- “Learning from Practitioners” 2022

CBSE Opportunity for Teachers to undertake Action Research- “Learning from Practitioners” 2022

Opportunity for Teachers to undertake Action Research- “Learning from Practitioners” 

Program On-the-ground experiences, professional practice, and rigorous action research in classrooms and schools have the potential to be translated into evidence-based theories, policies, and systemic reforms that inform and guide the overall education ecosystem.

It is important to learn from micro experiments and develop avenues of finding and adopting new solutions to systemic challenges. 

Therefore, CBSE is initiating a “Learning from Practitioners” Program where affiliated school teachers and educators can apply to share about their work. Applicants will be expected to have piloted/tested/researched upon key challenges/problems of practice in education/schooling.

CBSE will select and support the best innovations through a grant as well as a network of mentorship. 

Standard Operating Procedure 

1. Process: 

● Round 1: 

○ Applicants will submit their application through a central portal. 

○ The innovation can be submitted under a few broad themes listed subsequently.

 ○ Applicants are encouraged to apply in one or more of the above focus areas. They can also submit a miscellaneous application. 

○ A team of experts will shortlist the applications. Assessment will be done through predetermined and objective criteria.

All applications that align with the criteria will be shortlisted for the second round. 

● Round 2:

 ○ The shortlisted applicants will submit another round of artifacts including feedback from the school ecosystem and the community. 

○ The shortlisted applications will go through a round of vetting where the proposed selection may interact with the applicant virtually.  25 finalists will be selected post round 2.

∙  Grants will be awarded as an initial release of 40% of the amount and the rest granted in two

∙ cycles of 30% each based on performance and progress in the innovation.

2. Eligibility: 

● All CBSE-affiliated faculty and staff are eligible to apply. 

● Proposals that address the subject level, grade/learning stage, school and governance level, community, teacher training can be submitted. 

● Preference will be given to proposals that are directly in alignment with National Education Policy, 2020. 

● Each applicant can only apply for 1 grant a year. 

● A group of applicants can also apply together. Maximum group members allowed are 4.

● Finalists cannot apply for the same project next year. 

● The applicant has to apply for their own project, they cannot be nominated by someone else for the grant. 

● The application can be submitted in English or Hindi.

3. Guidelines for Submitting Applications Aspirant/interested teachers of all schools affiliated by the Board are required to submit their proposals in the below link:

latest by 31st August, 2022. 

This form can only be filled by using CBSE digital edu id. 

All the details should be uploaded on the above link in Annexure –A (Word & Pdf both) 

4. Criteria for Selection

○ A selection committee consisting of CBSE officials, educators and researchers will be constituted.

This committee will be responsible for reviewing and short-listing the proposals. They will evaluate proposals according to:

 i. The significance of the problem and the solution. 

ii. The demonstrated impact of the innovation on students, educators and the wider education ecosystem.

 iii. Strategies in which key components have the potential to be adopted within and/or across disciplines (i.e., how readily can this innovation be adopted by others? Are special materials or special equipment required?).

5. Post Selection: Growth and Support

 ● The selected applicants will be given a fixed grant of Rs 25,000 in three installments over a period of 1 year.

The grant can be utilized towards generating and documenting evidence and scaling the program.

The amount will be disbursed into the applicant’s bank account, online.

● Finalists will receive mentorship from a network of experienced practitioners and educators.

 ● Finalists will become a part of a community of committed individuals that will serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and learning.

 ● Finalists are expected to submit a detailed report on the project on the following key areas: 

○ Documentation of processes ○ Guidelines for implementing in varied contexts 

○ Evidence of impact In this regard, the Heads of all CBSE affiliated schools are requested to circulate this information with the teachers to encourage them to participate and to share the above link with all to confirm participation by registering for the same. 

All queries are welcome at

Cbse Opportunity for Teachers to undertake Action Research- “Learning from Practitioners” 

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