CBSE Videos for Capacity Building in Term 2 Board Exam 2022

CBSE Videos for Capacity Building in Term 2 Board Exam 2022

Videos for Capacity Building – reg.

You are aware that Term-Il examinations are being conducted as the regular examinations approximately after a period of 2 years.

It is a combined responsibility of all of us to conduct the examination fairly and successfully.

A number of efforts are being made by CBSE to make everyone aware about their duties and responsibilities so that examinations are conducted in a hassle free manner.

In the regard, Board has prepared short videos on various topics and duties/responsibilities.

The link of these videos are as follows:-

Role of Centre Superintendent
Planning for Exam
Role of Assistant Superintendent
Role of Observer

Video for Center Supretendent

Planning Video

Role of Asst. Supretendent Video

Observer Role Video

You are requested to forward the respective links to the concerned officials of your school as per the responsibilities assigned to them for Term-Il examinations.

so that they can watch the videos to know their roles and responsibilities.
This effort of the CBSE will certainly help the different functionaries in fulfilling their responsibilities successfully without any stress.

Your feedback on videos will help the Board in further improvement of

CBSE capacity building video term 2 exam

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