CBSE Class 9 Digital Documentation Question Answers MCQ Notes PDF 2022

CBSE Class 9 Digital Documentation Question Answers MCQ Notes PDF 2022

CBSE Class 9 Digital Documentation Question Answers MCQ Notes PDF 2022

MCQ Question Answers Part-B Digital documentation

Type(Knowledge based/conceptual Understanding/Reasoning Based/Skill Based)

1.To start OpenOffice Writer in Windows _____________

  1. double click OpenOffice Writer shortcut available on desktop
  2. Click on the Start or Windows button, select OpenOffice → OpenOffice Writer from application window.
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

C. Both of the above.

Knowledge based

2.In Open office Writer, by default, the file is saved in _______ format.

  1. .odf
  2. .ods
  3. .odt
  4. All of the above

c) .odt

Knowledge based

3.To open an already existing file in open office writer press _________ from keyboard.

  1. CTRL+N
  2. CTRL+O
  3. CTRL+ S
  4. CTRL+F


Knowledge based

4.Akshita created a document in open office writer, she wants to move the Text cursor to the beginning of the document. Which key combination she use?

  1. Ctrl + End
  2. Ctrl + Home
  3. Ctrl + Insert
  4. Any of the above

b. Ctrl+Home

Application based

5.Which of the following enlarges the window up to its standard size in open office writer?

a. Minimize 

b. zoom in

c. Enlarge

d. zoom out

b. zoom in

Knowledge Based

6.Which option should be used to type E=mc2

,to get 2 at its proper place in open office writer?

  1. Bold
  2. Underline
  3. Superscript
  4. Subscript


Conceptual Based

7.A new ____________is created in table by pressing tab key in the last cell of the table.

  1. Column
  2. Row
  3. Cell
  4. none of these

b) Row

Conceptual Based

8. To replace a word Bombay with Mumbai, we should go to which of the following menus in Open office writer?

  1. Tools
  2. Edit
  3. View
  4. Language

a) Edit

Knowledge based

9.In open office writer Current file name is shown onto __________

  1. Status bar
  2. Menu bar
  3. Title Bar
  4. None of these

c) Title Bar

Knowledge based

10.It is a flashing vertical line in the body of the text in open office writer.

  1. Mouse pointer
  2. Mouse Cursor
  3. Text Cursor
  4. None of these

c) Text Cursor

11.Right-click on a word and point to __________ option on the context menu to find a different word with same meaning.

  1. Antonyms
  2. Synonyms
  3. Same Meaning
  4. None of the above

b. Synonyms

12.Which of the following a way of selecting a complete sentence at a time in word processor using mouse?

  1. Single Click
  2. Double Click
  3. Triple Click
  4. Quadruple Click

c. Triple Click

13.Which of the following is not a non-printing character offered in

  1. Spacebar
  2. Tab
  3. Ctrl
  4. Enter 

c. Ctrl

14.To select two drawing objects in Writer, Select one object and hold ______ key and select other object.

a. Ctrl

b. Alt

c. Spacebar

d. Shift


15.Radhika wants that her company’s logo should automatically appear on the top of the Writer document whenever she opens a new document. Which feature of Writer will help her to do so?

  1. Style
  2. Header
  3. Footer
  4. Paragraph

b. Header

Cbse digital documentation notes class 9
Cbse digital documentation notes class 9


Anant is practicing to type on a open office writer. By mistake, he has written a wrong spelling. Now, he wants to delete the wrongly typed word from the right side of the cursor. Which key he will use to accomplish the task? 

  1. Delete
  2. Backspace 
  3. Return
  4. Pause
  1. Delete

2.Radhika has prepared a portfolio for her school in a Word Processor. In her document, she wants to change the alignment of the paragraph to right. Which option of the word processor she will use to complete the task? 

  1. CTRL+L
  2. CTRL +R
  3. CTRL+J
  4. CTRL+M


3.Samarth purchase a new Shop and wants to invite his friends and relatives (at least 50) on an inauguration ceremony. Which feature of Writer help him to create personalized invitation letter for every one?

 a. Documentation 

b. Mail Merge 

c. Style 

d. Template

b. Mail Merge

4.Anita wants to divide a table into two in open office writer. Which of the following option will help her? 

a. Table → Split Table 

b. Table → Merge Table

 c. Format → Table → Merge Table 

d. Format →Table → Split Table 

a. Table → Split Table

5.Amit wants to jump to a particular page number of a document. Which of the following feature of Writer is useful?

 a. Go to Page 

 b. Go to  page 4

c. Go to Specific Page

 d. None of the above 

a. Go to page

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