11 thoughts on “CBSE Training Portal for Teachers Free Online Login Registration Certificate 2022 [Diksha App, ATAL]”

  1. Please keep sending teachers training, as and when new program is scheduled for social science teachers.

  2. Today (2nd April 2022) I Jhuma Sharma attended the training _ Focussing on competency based Education: Chennai, but after the session couldnot find any feedback link in the chat box. That means my attendence will not be registered.
    I am worried as I spent more than an hour in doing the session, and now helpless about my attendence and hence certificate.
    Kindly suggest the needful.
    Ms Jhuma Sharma

    1. Don’t worry. You just try to login on cbse training portal with use of your registerd mail id and download certificate.
      You can also call on training portal contact number or send mail.

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