CBSE Reading Mission 2022 by Pratham Books

CBSE Reading Mission 2022-2023 by Pratham Books & Storyweaver

About the CBSE Reading Mission

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 emphasizes the importance of well-stocked school libraries and digital libraries to attain the goal of foundational literacy for all children by the year 2025. It recommends making quality children’s literature available in all local languages to build a culture of reading across the country.

Stories and reading are an important part of a child’s growth and development. Reading encourages children to build vocabulary, derive connections between stories and their own lives, and understand how different people think about different things. Children who read are able to think more, are able to express themselves more freely, and become independent learners.

With this in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education, in partnership with Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver and supported by the Central Square Foundation, are delighted to announce the launch of the CBSE Reading Mission, aimed at introducing students to the joy of reading.

The Reading Mission is a two-year-long initiative, in which all CBSE schools can participate. Under the Reading Mission, CBSE schools and teachers will have access to a large repository of openly licensed high-quality children’s literature via the Pratham Books Reading Programme, available for free in English and Hindi on StoryWeaver.

The Reading Programme offers 144 beautifully illustrated multilingual age-appropriate storybooks that provide a rich reading experience to all children, cutting across geographic, economic, social and cultural divides. The books are organised grade-wise and thematically, and are accompanied by discussion ideas and activities that can be conducted online, in-classroom or at home.

Teachers will be rewarded with certificates on the completion of the Programme. Teachers can also share anecdotes of their students’ progress, to be celebrated as #ReadingHeroes through the course of the initiative.

The Reading Mission will also support and empower teachers with training materials on conducting engaging virtual reading sessions and activities through periodic ‘Teacher Connect’ interactions where teachers can discuss best practices, showcase their work and share inputs on the programme design.

Come, join us in nurturing the next generation of readers and learners!

6 easy steps to join the CBSE Reading Mission!

Bring the joy of reading to your classroom by following the steps below:

Step 1: Keep the following information ready
Here’s a checklist of details you need to keep ready in order to register for the Reading Mission and to access all the resources:

  • Your official school email address, if you have one (not mandatory)
  • Number of students in your class
  • CBSE school number
  • School affiliation number
  • The CBSE region that your school operates in
  • Number of children you will conduct the Reading Programme for.

In case you don’t have the above details, do get in touch with the school principal.

Step 2: Create a free account on StoryWeaver
Visit and click on ‘Sign Up/Log In’ on the top right corner. Follow the instructions to set up your free account and access resources for the Reading Mission. If available, do remember to use your official school email address to sign up. All notifications and updates from the Reading Mission and StoryWeaver will be sent to this email address.

Need some more help? Here’s a tutorial on how to create your account:

Step 3: Enroll in the Reading Programme Once you have set up and logged in to your StoryWeaver account, visit the Reading Programme page on StoryWeaver (links below). Important: Keep all the information listed in Step 1 handy!
Reading Programme in English

Reading Programme in Hindi

Browse through the 4 modules: New Readers (Grades 1 & 2), Early Readers (Grades 3 & 4), Middle Readers (Grades 5 & 6), Advanced Readers (Grades 7 & 8) and pick the one that is most suitable for your students. Click on ‘Enroll’ and follow the enrollment instructions to start accessing the storybooks. Remember to tick the ‘CBSE Reading Mission’ option on the enrollment form, and regularly check your registered email inbox for notifications and updates.

Need some more help? Here’s a tutorial on how to enroll in the Reading Programme:

View tutorial

Step 4: Start reading and earn a certificate!

Once you have enrolled in the Reading Programme module of your choice, you are all set! Explore a new theme every month and read a new book every week with your class. Teachers will receive a certificate on completion of the Reading Programme!

Step 5: Get featured as a #ReadingHero
You and your students stand a chance to be featured as #ReadingHeroes on this page and on StoryWeaver’s channels! Click here for more information.
Step 6: Remember to bookmark this page for updates, FAQs, training resources, and bonus books!

Tips and advice

The CBSE Reading Mission Handbook: Learn more about the aims of the CBSE Reading Mission, access detailed instructions on how to participate, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The Pratham Books Reading Programme Manual: Discover how to use the Reading Programme to the fullest in your classroom, and share the joy of reading with your students! The Manual is packed with tips and best practices on how to facilitate engaging reading sessions, ways you can use the Reading Programme resources, how to conduct read alouds and more.


#ReadingHeroes Spotlight

The CBSE Reading Mission is brought to life by the #ReadingHeroes – you, our wonderful community of teachers and your students! We want to see and hear your experiences of participating in the CBSE Reading Mission and share in the reading fun! We are looking for stories of teachers and children who:

  1. Read a new storybook together every week
  2. Have interesting discussions based on the books
  3. Carry out a fun activity or make a project, using the ideas shared in the Reading Programme

Send us anecdotes, pictures, video clips of reading sessions, book discussions, students’ activities and projects, and stand a chance to be recognised as #ReadingHeroes! We will feature the #ReadingHeroes on this page, and on StoryWeaver’s blog and social media channels.

You can share your messages, photos and videos through any of the ways listed below. Do include the school name and location, class, teacher’s name and students’ names.

CBSE Reading Mission 2022 by Pratham Books

Important: Do take parental consent before sharing pictures of your students, and mention this in your message to us.

Bonus storybooks

Finished the Reading Programme and looking for even more books for your students to read? Here are some bonus books!

English storybooks

Hindi storybooks

Frequently Asked Questions

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