CBSE class 10 exam date pattern syllabus 2023-24

CBSE Class 10 Exam – Exam Name, Date, Pattern 2023-2024


CBSE Class 10 Exam – Name, Date, Pattern 2023-2024


Introduction : CBSE Class 10 Exam

CBSE class 10 exam of 2023-24 is one of the most important exams in a student’s life. It is the gateway to higher education and a bright future. The exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is taken by millions of students across India every year.

The CBSE class 10 exam is a challenging exam, but it is not impossible to succeed. With proper preparation and hard work, you can achieve your goals and score well in the exam.

This blog article will provide you with everything you need to know about the CBSE class 10 exam. We will discuss the syllabus, the exam pattern, the marking scheme, and the preparation tips. We will also provide you with some resources that can help you with your studies.

CBSE Class 10 Exam Name – Official:

The Official Name of CBSE Class 10 Exam is SSE- Secondary School Examination (Class 10).

Syllabus : CBSE Class 10 Exam

  • The syllabus for the CBSE class 10 exam is divided into four major subjects:
  1. Hindi A & B
  2. English
  3. Social Science
  4. Hindi
  5. Sanaskit
  6. Mathematics
  7. Science
  8. IT/CA/AI Skill Sujects


In addition to these major subjects, there are also a number of optional subjects that students can choose to study. These optional subjects include in CBSE Class 10 Exam 2023-24:

  • Indian Languages with regional 
  • Maths Standard & Basic
  • Skill Subjects in Additional
  • Foreign Languages

CBSE Class 10 Exam Syllabus 2023-24:

Exam Pattern for CBSE Class 10 Exam 2023-24

The CBSE class 10 exam is a 3-hour exam. Each subject has a different number of questions and a different marking scheme. The following table shows the exam pattern for each subject:

Subject Number of Questions Marking Scheme for 10 Exam 2023-24:

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 Maths Exercise Wise for CBSE 2023-24

Blueprint of Maths Class 10 CBSE 2023-24 Standard & Basic Maths Chapter Wise Blueprint

CBSE Class 10 Exam Latest Updates

i. The Board Examination in Mathematics is held at two levels in Class X. However, it is not be
applicable to the internal assessment done in Mathematics at the school level in class X. For details, please refer Circular No. Acad. 03/2019. It may be noted that the students who are opting Mathematics – Basic will have the option of taking Applied Mathematics (241) as an Elective at Class XI/Sr.


Secondary though they may not be permitted to take Mathematics (041) at Sr. Secondary level. However, a student who has opted Mathematics – standard can
offer any one of the two available Mathematics at Sr. Secondary level.

ii. If a student fails in any one of the three compulsory subjects (i.e., Science, Mathematics and
Social Science) and passes in the Skill subject (offered as sixth optional subject), then that subject will be replaced by the Skill subject and the result of Class X Board examination will be computed accordingly.

iii. If a student fails in any language subject, out of first five subjects, the same will be replaced by the language taken as sixth subject (in case of no skills subjects offered) or as seventh
subject (optional), provided that he or she has passed this language and after replacement either Hindi or English remains as a passed language in the first five subjects.

iv. It is expected that all the students should have studied three languages up to class VIII. Those students who could not clear the third language in class VIII and have been promoted to class IX, shall be examined by the concerned schools at the end of Class IX in the same syllabus and
textbooks as prescribed for class VIII. Those who are still unable to clear the third language at the end of class IX may be given another opportunity in class X.


No student shall be eligible to
appear in the Secondary School Examination of the Board at the end of class 10 has passed in the third language. However, CWSN are exempted from the study of third language.


v. Either Hindi or English must be one of the two languages to be studied in class IX and X. Hindi and English can also be offered simultaneously. In Hindi, two courses have been provided for class IX and X keeping in view the varying backgrounds of the students and a student may
either opt for Hindi A (Code 002) or Hindi B (Code 085).


Similarly English can also be offered at two levels English Language & Literature (184) and Communication English (101). However, a language cannot be offered simultaneously at the two levels such as Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B or English Language and Literature and English Communicative etc.

vi. Students offering additional sixth skill subject may also offer an additional language III/ any
subject as seventh subject.

vii. Out of the three subjects – Computer Application (Code 165), Information Technology (Code
402) and Artificial Intelligence (code 417) – only one can be offered. A combination of any of these subjects is not permitted.

viii. Board is extending several exemptions/concessions to candidates with disabilities as defined in the “THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ACT 2016”. Exemptions/Concessions
extended to Persons with Benchmark Disabilities for Class X & XII Examinations conducted\ by
the Board and the Standard Operating Procedure for availing these concessions are available


Schools and candidates may also refer to the circulars issued by the Board from time to time on this matter.

ix. For Regional Languages, the Board prescribes the textbooks being followed in classes IX and X in the respective State Boards where the language is taught. Schools are also advised to bring to the notice of CBSE the changes, if any, brought out at the commencement of the session by the respective State Boards, in the textbooks of the language of their State. Schools are directed to strictly follow the textbooks prescribed by CBSE in its curriculum. Changes, if
any, can be adopted only after CBSE notifies it.

x. Scheme of Studies for Children with Special Need of Candidates with disabilities as defined in The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 have the option of studying one compulsory language instead two.


1 Board Examination for (Class X) and Annual Examination (class IX) for 80 marks For Class X:

The Board Examination in each subject will cover entire syllabus of Class-X. Grades corresponding to
the marks shall be on the basis of 9-point grading system. Grades will be awarded in each scholastic
subject. For awarding the grades, the Board will put all the passed students in a rank order and will award the grades.

Marking Scheme:

The marking scheme for the CBSE class 10 exam is as follows: [ 80 marks for board theortical exam and 20 marks of internal marks, exam taken and marks given by school. ]

Each MCQ is worth 1 mark.
Each SA question is worth 2 marks.
Each Numerical question is worth 4 marks.

The total marks for the CBSE class 10 exam are 80
CBSE class 10 exam date pattern syllabus 2023-24

  • Preparation Tips:

    The following are some tips to help you prepare for the CBSE class 10 exam:

    Start studying early.
    Make a study plan and stick to it.
    Revise your notes regularly.
    Solve practice questions.
    Take mock exams.
    Get enough sleep.
    Eat a healthy diet.
    Stay positive and motivated.


There are a number of resources available to help you with your studies for the CBSE class 10 exam. These resources include:

  • Board Sample Papers & Extra Sample Papers
  • Question Banks
  • CBSE & NCERT Textbooks
  • CBSE Exam Study guides
  • CBSE Practice question papers
  • CBSE Mock test exams
  • Online tutorials & Quiz

Conclusion for CBSE Class 10 Exam:


CBSE class 10 exam is a challenging exam, but it is not impossible to succeed. With proper preparation and hard work, you can achieve your goals and score well in the CBSE Class 10 Exam.

We hope this blog article has helped you to prepare for the CBSE class 10 exam. Good luck!

In addition to the information provided in this blog article, you can also find more information about the CBSE class 10 exam on the CBSE website. The website has a wealth of resources, including the syllabus, the exam pattern, and practice question papers.

We hope this will help you in CBSE class 10 exam 2023.



What is the name of CBSE Class 10 Exam 2023-24?

The name of CBSE Class 10 Exam 2023-24 is Secondary School Exam 2023-24 (SSE).

When will be CBSE 2023-24 Exam started?

CBSE 2023-24 Exam might be started from 10 Feb. 2024. Kindly follow to the latest update of CBSE Exam 2023-24.

Has CBSE released syllabus for 2023-24 Exam?

Yes, CBSE has been released syllabus of class 10 exam 2023-24 on

Which CBSE blog or website will provide us latest updates with notifications?

You can follow CBSE official website :
BLOG will update you with latest CBSE news.

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