CBSE Class 9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Cycle MCQ Questions PDF Download 2022

AI ebook free pdf | Artificial Intelligence e book download for CBSE class 9, 10, 11 and 12

AI ebook free pdf | Artificial Intelligence E Book free for CBSE Class 9, 10, 11 and 12

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ai ebook free pdf

                      : Contents :


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Rationale  The Purpose  Overview of the AI Curriculum  Overview and Learning Objectives of the AI Program  Essential learning Experience from AI  Developing Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning.

The AI Curriculum School Procedures for AI Implementation  AI Implementation Procedures.

(ai ebook free pdf)


AI Syllabus  Unit wise Distribution  Assessment  Suggestive Assessment Approaches for AI. 

AI Curriculum Mapping  Interdisciplinary Integration with Artificial Intelligence – Class IX AI Learning Indicators  Translating AI on Ground Creating the Mindset Preparatory Groundwork Facilitating and Feedback Mentoring and Monitoring.


1.1 Excite  Introduction to AI  Dream Smart Home  Activity – Game Time  Quiz Time: AI Quiz  Activity: Letter to Future Self 


1.2 Relate  Floorplan Activity  Creating a Story: Are you a good Storyteller? 

1.3 Purpose  Sustainable Development Goals  Go Goals: 


1.4 Possibilities  Group Activity: Research on current AI Trends  Poster Making – Job Advertisement for 2029 !

1.5 AI Ethics  Activity – Watch the video AI for Good.  Balloon Debate. (ai ebook free pdf)


Unit 2AI Project Cycle  AI Project Cycle – Defined!  2.1 Problem Scoping.

Getting Started  4Ws Problem Canvas  Problem Statement Template.

2.2 Data Acquisition

What is Data Acquisition? 

Data Features  Acquiring Data from reliable sources System Maps.

2.3 Data Exploration  Let us explore  Sketchy Graphs. (ai ebook free pdf)

2.4 Modelling  AI, ML & DL  Modelling  Rule Based Approach  Learning Based Approach  Decision Tree  Do It Yourself!  Pixel It.


Unit 3 Neural Networks  Neural Networks – Defined  Neural Networks Vs Human Nervous System  Human Neural Network – The Game Co-Curricular Activities


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Artificial intelligence basic ebook.pdf Download (ai ebook free pdf)


Artificial intelligence full Ebook.pdf Download


Full book of artificial intelligence 2022.pdf Download


CBSE artificial intelligence syllabus.pdf Download


Cbse ai Ebook download in pdf, link is above. (ai ebook free pdf)

Full AI Video Ebook Course Watch Above, AI ebook free pdf.

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New AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ebook free pdf download.


AI Ebook Free Download Class 11 CBSE Curriculum.


AI_Curriculum_Handbook Class 11 pdf


AI Ebook Free Download Class 11 CBSE Curriculum 2


AI_Curriculum_HandbookClassXI_Level2 pdf


IBM CBSE AI  Project Guide pdf


IBM-CBSE AI  Project  Logbook PDF


CBSE AI ClassXII  Study materials pdf


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CBSE & Intel has launched AI for ALL program for all students and teachers.


To further add to the cause of national AI readiness, a new program – AI For All was launched by Hon’ble.

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, on July 29th, 2021.

This program is driven by the Central Board of Secondary Education in collaboration with Intel India and aims to increase public awareness about AI.

‘AI For All’ is a 4-hour, self-paced, micro learning program aimed to help demystify AI for general public.

The program is divided into two sections: AI Aware, and AI Appreciate. Both sections can be completed in about four hours.

Each section includes images and interactive activities with a short and easy quiz.

Passing this quiz grants the participant a digital badge and a certificate that they can share on their social media accounts and tag #AIForAll.

Participants can take this quiz as many times as they want.
The program can be accessed in any of the following ways:

1. Through the CBSE Academic Website

wherein it is available in 11 Indian languages.

(For details, please refer to Annexure-I).

2. The courses can be accessed on DIKSHA CBSE platform (link: in English and Hindi languages.

(For details and links, please refer to Annexure-II) Heads of all the affiliated schools are requested to promote this initiative among all stakeholders.

(Students, teachers and parents) and also among the citizens in the neighborhood.

For any further clarification, you may write to us at or call the helpline number at +91-9964600800 (9 am to 8 pm; Monday to Friday) for any queries or any technical support.

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Artificial Intelligence (New) AI 2022

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