Pose a Question Meaning, Example in a Sentence, Synonym, Crossword Clue, Purpose to Past Tense

Pose a question meaning, example in a sentence, synonym, crossword clue, question to someone,or propose a question pose questions to past tense.

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Pose a question meaning

To aise, present, ask or imply a question of some kind. Modifiers are often used between “pose” and “question” to indicate or specify the type or nature of the questions being raised, presented, or implied. The report poses several serious questions about the legality of the president’s plan.

Pose a question example

Especially one that needs to be carefully thought about In her book she poses the question (example)

How much do we need to be happy?

How can we solve our maths questions?

Pose a question in a sentence

A mystery or bewildering to…
He sat in a relaxed pose.
He asked me to pose nude for him.
They pose a serious threat to security.
The facts pose something of a paradox.
He had to pose wearing a laurel wreath.
His brave words are merely a pose.
Allow me to pose several questions.

Pose a question synonyms

Investigatelook into, follow up, gather, dig, research, check up on, look up, delve, scout.

  • Investigate
  • Look into
  • Follow up
  • Research
  • Check up on
  • Look up
  • Delve
  • Scout

Pose a question Crossword Clue

After this stain, Peter poses a question of Scottish recognition

Pose a question to someone

The teacher posed a question to one of her class.

John poses a question to his son regarding his first day of school.

Pose or purpose of a question

Making certain to pose questions that go beyond gathering information to probing thinking and requiring explanation and justification. Asking intentional questions that make the mathematics more visible and accessible for student exams and discussion.

Pose a question
Pose a question

To pose a question to past tense

Did you finish?

Where ______ stay last night? they did?

How ______ your phone?

Did you say?

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