Modern Physics Chapters Class 11 & 12, NEET 2022, Father of Modern Physics

Modern Physics Chapters Class 11, Class 12, NEET 2022 & JEE, Father of Modern Physics


Modern Physics – What Is Modern Physics?

Modern physics is a branch of physics that developed in the early 20th century and onward or branches greatly influenced by early 20th century physics. Notable branches of modern physics include quantum mechanicsspecial relativity and general relativity.

Classical physics is typically concerned with everyday conditions: speeds are much lower than the speed of light, sizes are much greater than that of atoms, and energies are relatively small. Modern physics, however, is concerned with more extreme conditions, such as high velocities that are comparable to the speed of light (special relativity), small distances comparable to the atomic radius (quantum mechanics), and very high energies (relativity).

Father of Modern Physics

Albert Einstein is referred to as the daddy of present day physics. He turned into a 20th-century scientist, who got here up with the maximum crucial ideas. One of the crucial paintings of Albert Einstein is the idea of relativity and the well-known equation E=mc2.

He turned into provided the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 for his achievements in theoretical physics, specially coming across the legal guidelines of photoelectric effect.

Modern Physics Topics 2022

The subjects that are taken into consideration because the center to the muse of the issue are said below:
Atomic idea and the evolution of the atomic version in general
Black-frame radiation
Franck–Hertz experiment
Geiger–Marsden experiment (Rutherford’s experiment)
Gravitational lensing Michelson Morley experiment
Photoelectric effect
Quantum thermodynamics
Radioactive phenomena in general
Perihelion precession of Mercury
Stern–Gerlach experiment
Wave-particle duality Solid.

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  • Modern Physics chapters Class 12 for NEET

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Modern Physics Chapters Class 11 & 12

Modern Physics is the most important and interesting branch of physics. It is something you have earlier learnt in chemistry chapter 2 in 11th class. It is the most easiest and scoring part. Really you would find it really simple and easy. The NCERT book is the most worthy and best. The Modern Physics chapters are:

  1. Dual nature of radiation and matter
  2. Atoms
  3. Nuclei
  4. Semiconductors and electronic devices
  5. Communication

All these chapters are really easy so them from NCERT for theory.

Modern Chapters Chapters Class 12 for NEET

The Modern Physics chapters are:

  1. Dual nature of radiation and matter
  2. Atoms
  3. Nuclei
  4. Semiconductors and electronic devices
  5. Communication

Modern physics chapters

  1. Modern physics chapters Class 11

  2. Modern Physics chapters in NEET

  3. Modern Physics chapters for NEET 2022

  4. Modern physics chapters JEE

  5. Modern physics chapters in ncert

  6. Modern Physics chapters Class 12 Notes

  7. Modern physics chapters in Class 12

  8. Modern Physics chapters Class 12 for NEET

Modern Physics Chapters Formulas?

Modern physics is a branch of the physical sciences that deals with the concepts that originated after the Newtonian era.

The chapters under modern physics for NEET focus on two of the most important developments in the twentieth century, some of which are relativity and quantum mechanics.  

The formulas that come in the competitive examination of NEET relating to the concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics are the aforementioned modern physics formulas.

Chapters Under Modern Physics For NEET The chapters that cover the modern physics topics for NEET are related to the concepts of the post-Newtonian era in the physical sciences.

The modern physics chapters for NEET examinations are: Radio active decay of substances Dual nature of light Nuclear physics: Fission and Fusion Bohr’s model of the atom and X-rays Based on these chapters under modern physics for NEET, a list of modern physics formulas is provided below.

All the formulas present here encompass the modern physics topics for NEET mentioned in the modern physics chapters for NEET.

List of Important Modern Physics Formulas The following is the list of modern physics formulas:

The work function: W=hυ0=hcλ0W=hυ0=hcλ0W = h\upsilon _{0} =\frac{hc}{\lambda 0}; h is the planck’s constant. The work function is minimum for cesium (1.9 eV)

The photo effect is directly proportional to the incident light/radiation.Therefore, 𝜈 is constant.

The maximum kinetic energies of photoelectrons ejected from metal are given by the following equation: K.Emax. = eVs; where Vs is the stopping potential (independent of the intensity of light).

Intensity arising from an electric field is given by I=12.ϵ0.E2.cI=12.ϵ0.E2.cI =\frac{1}{2.\epsilon _{0.E^2.c}}Momentum of a photon is given by: m𝜈 = h/λ.

The equation for photoelectric effect given by Einstein ish𝜈 = w0 + kmax ∴ hc/λ = hc/λ0 + eVs Change in energy due to wavelength is given byΔE = 12400/λ(Ao)

Modern Physics Chapters Topics

  • Black-Body Radiation 
  • Atomic Theory and the Evolution of the Atomic Model in General 
  • Michelson- Morley Experiment 
  • Geiger-Marsden Experiment (Rutherford’s Experiment)  
  • Quantum Thermodynamics 
  • Photoelectric Effect 
  • Radioactive Phenomena in General 
  • Wave-Particle Duality 
  • Perihelion Precession of Mercury 
  • Solid
  • Stern-Gerlach Experiment
  • Frank-Hertz Experiment 
  • Gravitational Lensing
Modern physics class 11 chapters  class 12 modern physics chapters 
Modern physics chapters pdf modern physics chapters 2022

Modern Physics: Important Formulas

In order to cover different topics of modern physics, it is important to go through the formulas which you must remember as they will help you solve numerical problems in competitive exams. There are different formulas required to crack derivations and concept based questions. Here are the major formulas of Modern Physics that you must know about: 

Quantity Formula Mass-Energy          E = mc2

Photoelectric Effect


Radioactive Half-Life N(t) = N_0 (1/2)^(t/t_1/2})

Rydberg Equation 

1/λ = RZ2(1/n12 – 1/n22)

Relativistic Energy 

Length Contraction 


Relative Velocity

V_{AB} = V_{A}– V_{B}

Time Dilation 

t = t0/(1-v2/c2)1/2

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