Data Science PDF book for beginners | Download full ebook of data science 2021 free

Data Science PDF book for beginners | Download full ebook of data science 2021 free

You can view and download data science Ebook free from below given link


Currently CBSE has been released new curriculum and added data science as a skill subject for cbse students.

Data Science is very popular now days. Its very useful for data analysis, data representation and analytics.

Data Science is new in emerging trends of Information Technology so we are providing free cbse ebook notes.

Above given link free. You can also download pdf of data science with notes.


Download PDF Ebook of Data Science




Topics in our Data Science PDF Notes

The topics we will cover in these Data Science PDF Notes will be taken from the following list:

Introduction of Data Science

Introduction to Data Science, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Data Science Process. The motivation for using Python for Data Analysis, Introduction of Python shell iPython, and Jupyter Notebook.

Essential Python Libraries: 

NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, SciPy, scikit-learn, statsmodels

Getting Started with Pandas: 

Arrays and vectorized computation, Introduction to pandas Data Structures, Essential Functionality, Summarizing, and Computing Descriptive Statistics. Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats. Reading and Writing Data in Text Format, Web Scraping, Binary Data Formats, Interacting with Web APIs, Interacting with Databases Data Cleaning and Preparation. Handling Missing Data, Data Transformation, String Manipulation.

Data Wrangling: 

Hierarchical Indexing, Combining, and Merging Data Sets Reshaping and Pivoting.

Data Visualization matplotlib

Basics of matplotlib, plotting with pandas and seaborn, other python visualization tools.

Data Aggregation and Group operations

Group by Mechanics, Data aggregation, General split-apply-combine, Pivot tables, and cross-tabulation.

Time Series Data Analysis

Date and Time Data Types and Tools, Time series Basics, date Ranges, Frequencies and Shifting, Time Zone Handling, Periods, and Periods Arithmetic, Resampling and Frequency conversion, Moving Window Functions.

Advanced Pandas: 

Categorical Data, Advanced GroupBy Use, Techniques for Method Chaining


                                                   About Data Science

Data scientist has been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century,” presumably by someone who has never visited a fire station.
Nonetheless, data science is a hot and growing field, and it doesn’t take a great deal of sleuthing to find analysts breathlessly
prognosticating that over the next 10 years, we’ll need billions and billions more data scientists than we currently have.

But what is data science? After all, we can’t produce data scientists if we don’t know what data science is.
According to a Venn diagram that is somewhat famous in the industry, data science lies at the intersection of:

Hacking skills Maths and statistics knowledge
Substantive expertise

Although I originally intended to write a book covering all three, I quickly realized that a thorough treatment of “substantive expertise” would require tens of thousands of pages.
At that point, I decided to focus on the first two. My goal is to help you develop the hacking skills that you’ll need to get started doing data science. And my goal is to help you get comfortable with the mathematics and statistics that are at the core of data science.

This is a somewhat heavy aspiration for a book. The best way to learn hacking skills is by
hacking on things.
By reading this book, you will get a good understanding of the way I
hack on things, which may not necessarily be the best way for you to hack on things.
You will get a good understanding of some of the tools I use, which will not necessarily be the best tools for you to use. You will get a good understanding of the way I approach data problems, which may not necessarily be the best way for you to approach data problems.

FAQs of Data Science

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