Computer Notes PDF in English (Fundamental) for Rajasthan (Govt) Teachers Vacancy 2022

Computer Notes PDF in English (Fundamental) for Rajasthan (Govt) Teachers Vacancy 2022

  • Computer Notes PDF in English
  • Computer Fundamental Notes PDF in English
  • Computer Notes PDF in English for Govt Teacher Vacancy
  • Computer Notes PDF in English 2022
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Computer Notes PDF in English
Computer Notes PDF in English

Computer Notes PDF in English download that contains Computer Fundamental, Computer Devices, Computer History and Generation, Computer Hardware and Software, Computer Memory, Computer Languages, Computer Networking, Internet, MS Office Noted pdf, Computer Short Cut Keys etc.

Parts of a Computer, fundamentals of computer notes pdf, Component Description, Case or System Unit

The main computer box, technically known as the system unit, is the most
important part of a computer. It contains the guts and brains of the computer—
something we’ll talk about later. The system unit contains a lot of holes or ports
where you plug in the rest of the computer system.

Monitor The monitor resembles a television set, and is where the computer displays information.

Keyboard The keyboard is the thing you type on to tell your computer what to do.
Mouse Like the keyboard, the mouse is another input device that you use to
communicate with your computer.
Speakers Most computers can make sounds, just like a stereo system. In fact, you can even listen to audio CD’s on most computers or watch DVDs.

Printer A printer is where a computer writes down information or output, onto paper, or a hardcopy.

Generation of computer notes pdf

Five Generations of Computers

First Generation : Vacuum Tubes (1940-1956)
Second Generation : Transistors (1956-1963)
Third Generation : Integrated Circuits (1964-1971)
Fourth Generation : Microprocessors (1971-Present)
Fifth Generation : Artificial Intelligence (Present and Beyond)

To understand the Five generations of computer system you can download History of Computer Generations guide in pdf format or read online for free using link provided below


Table of Contents

Lesson 1-1: Hardware, Software, and Information Technology (IT)
Lesson 1-2: Computer Overview
Lesson 1-3: The Front of a Computer and Peripheral Devices
Lesson 1-4: The Inside of a Computer
Lesson 1-5: The Back of a Computer (Ports)
Lesson 1-6: System Bus and Expansion Cards
Lesson 1-7: Memory Cache
Lesson 1-8: Computer Performance 
Lesson 1-9: Buying a Desktop Computer
Lesson 1-10: Buying a Notebook Computer 
Lesson 1-11: Upgrading a Computer
Chapter One Review
Chapter Two: Understanding Hardware
Lesson 2-1: Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Lesson 2-2: Memory
Lesson 2-3: RAM and ROM
Lesson 2-4: Mouse
Lesson 2-5: Keyboard
Lesson 2-6: Digital Cameras and Web Cams
Lesson 2-7: Other Input Devices 
Lesson 2-8: Monitor 
Lesson 2-9: Graphics Card
Lesson 2-10: Printer Basics 
Lesson 2-11: Types of Printers
Lesson 2-12: Sound and Speakers 
Lesson 2-13: Modem
Lesson 2-14: Input/Output Devices
Lesson 2-15: Hard Drive 
Lesson 2-16: Hard Drive Maintenance
Lesson 2-17: CD-ROM Drive 
Lesson 2-18: DVD Drive
Lesson 2-19: Floppy Drive 
Lesson 2-20: Zip and Jaz Drives 
Lesson 2-21: Other Storage Devices
Lesson 2-22: Formatting a Disk
Chapter Three: Understanding Software

Lesson 3-1: Understanding Graphical User Interfaces
Lesson 3-2: Types of Software
Lesson 3-3: Operating Systems
Lesson 3-4: Word Processing
Lesson 3-5: Spreadsheets
Lesson 3-6: Database
Lesson 3-7: Presentation Software
Lesson 3-8: Accounting 
Lesson 3-9: Web Browsing
Lesson 3-10: Web Authoring 
Lesson 3-11: Programming Languages
Lesson 3-12: Systems Development 

Chapter Four: Information Networks
Lesson 4-1: Introduction to Networks
Lesson 4-2: The Internet
Lesson 4-3: Intranets and Extranets
Lesson 4-4: Telephones and Networks

Chapter Five: Introduction to Windows XP
Lesson 5-1: Starting and Logging On to Windows 
Lesson 5-2: Understanding the Windows XP Screen
Lesson 5-3: Using the Mouse: Pointing, Clicking, and Double-clicking
Lesson 5-4: Using the Mouse: Dragging and Dropping
Lesson 5-5: Using the Mouse: Right-clicking 
Lesson 5-6: Using the Keyboard
Lesson 5-7: Exiting Windows and Turning off Your Computer

Chapter Six: Working with a Window
Lesson 6-1: Starting a Program
Lesson 6-2: Understanding the Parts of a Window
Lesson 6-3: Minimizing, Maximizing, and Restoring a Window
Lesson 6-4: Closing a Window 
Lesson 6-5: Moving a Window
Lesson 6-6: Sizing a Window 
Lesson 6-7: Switching Between Windows

Computer Notes PDF in English

Computer fundamentals Notes PDF in English

Computer Notes PDF for govt jobs/vacancy

Computer Notes English PDF Download

Computer Notes PDF in English download pdf

Computer Notes PDF in English for jobs

Chapter Seven: Working with Programs
Lesson 7-1: How to Use Menus
Lesson 7-2: How to Use Toolbars
Lesson 7-3: Filling Out a Dialog Box
Lesson 7-4: Entering Text in the WordPad Program
Lesson 7-5: Editing Text 
Lesson 7-6: Saving and Opening a File 
Lesson 7-7: Selecting, Replacing, and Deleting Text
Lesson 7-8: Using Undo 
Lesson 7-9: Printing a File
Lesson 7-10: Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Lesson 7-11: Changing the Font Type and Size
Lesson 7-12: Using Bold, Italics, and Underline
Lesson 7-13: Changing Paragraph Alignment 

Lesson 7-16: Saving and Opening Files in Different Locations 
Chapter Seven Review.
Chapter Eight: Working with Files and Folders 
Lesson 8-1: Understanding Storage Devices, Folders, and Files.
Lesson 8-2: Using My Computer to See What’s in Your Computer
Lesson 8-3: Opening a Folder
Lesson 8-4: Creating and Renaming a Folder
Lesson 8-5: Copying, Moving, and Deleting a Folder.
Lesson 8-6: Opening, Renaming, and Deleting a File .
Lesson 8-7: Copying and Moving a File .
Lesson 8-8: Restoring a Deleted File and Emptying the Recycle Bin.
Lesson 8-9: A Closer Look at Files and Folders 
Lesson 8-10: Changing How Information is Displayed.

Lesson 8-11: Selecting Multiple Files and Folders
Lesson 8-12: Finding a File Using the Search Companion 
Lesson 8-13: Using the Folders Pane (Windows Explorer).
Lesson 8-14: File Management Using the Folders Pane
Chapter Eight Review
Chapter Nine: Exploring the Internet. 
Lesson 9-1: Introduction to the Internet 
Lesson 9-2: Connecting to the Internet
Lesson 9-3: Displaying a Specific Web Page
Lesson 9-4: Browse the Web
Lesson 9-5: Search the Web.
Lesson 9-6: Adding a Web Page to Favorites and Changing your Home Page .
Lesson 9-7: Displaying a History of Visited Web Pages .
Lesson 9-8: Saving Pictures and Files to Disk (Downloading) .
Lesson 9-9: Introduction to E-mail
Lesson 9-10: Composing and Sending E-mail.
Lesson 9-11: Adding a Name to the Address Book .
Lesson 9-12: Receiving E-mail
Lesson 9-13: Replying to a Message 
Lesson 9-14: Forwarding and Deleting a Message.


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