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Compulsory online training program PRAYOG for Principals (July & August 2023)

Compulsory online training program PRAYOG for Principals (July & August 2023)

The National Education Policy 2020 recognizes principals as the torchbearers of reform and quality education in schools. PRAYOG (Pradhanacharya Yojna for Growth) is an online training program for CBSE Principals containing details about the initiatives taken by CBSE for the implementation of academic reforms in CBSE schools. PRAYOG will support the principals in their new responsibility to effectively implement NEP 2020 in their schools.

A series of two-day online webinars of 3 hours duration on academic initiatives taken by CBSE will be conducted for all Principals of CBSE-affiliated schools across the country during July – August 2023. The program has assessment-integrated sessions on various topics like Competency Based Education, Experiential Learning (such as Art integrated learning, Story- Telling, Sports Integrated Learning etc) and initiatives such as SAFAL, HPC, SQAA, among others. The 3 hours devoted to PRAYOG shall be counted towards the 50 hours compulsory CPD requirement for a year.

You will receive the webinar joining link in your cbseshiksha email for this online training program as per the region-wise schedule given below. Please note that only cbseshiksha email ID to be used for attending the online training sessions. Certificate will be generated for only those who login through cbseshiksha email ID.

S.NO. Date/ Days CoE Region Batch No. CoE Region Batch No. CoE Region Batch No.

3rd July &6th July Ajmer Batch 1List of Schools Bengaluru Batch 1List of Schools Bhopal Batch 1List of Schools

4th July &7th July Bhubaneswar Batch 1List of Schools Chandigarh Batch 1List of Schools Chennai Batch 1List of Schools

10th July &13th July Dehradun Batch 1List of Schools Delhi East Batch 1List of Schools Delhi West Batch 1List of Schools

11th July &14th July Guwahati Batch 1List of Schools Noida Batch 1List of Schools Panchkula Batch 1List of Schools

17th July &20th July Patna Batch 1List of Schools Prayagraj Batch 1List of Schools Pune Batch 1List of Schools

18th July &21st July Trivandrum Batch 1List of Schools Vijayawada Batch 1List of Schools  

3rd August &7th August Ajmer Batch 2List of Schools Bengaluru Batch 2List of Schools Bhopal Batch 2List of Schools

4th August &8th August Bhubaneswar Batch 2List of Schools Chandigarh Batch 2List of Schools Chennai Batch 2List of Schools

10th August &14th August Dehradun Batch 2List of Schools Delhi East Batch 2List of Schools Delhi West Batch 2List of Schools

11th August &16th August Guwahati Batch 2List of Schools Noida Batch 2List of Schools Panchkula Batch 2List of Schools

17th August &21st August Patna Batch 2List of Schools Prayagraj Batch 2List of Schools Pune Batch 2List of Schools

18th August &22nd August Trivandrum Batch 2List of Schools Vijayawada Batch 2List of Schools  

For any queries, the schools may contact at 011-23231070 or email at

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