CBSE Students can change their board examination center now

Change of Examination / Practical Center of CBSE students.

CBSE has been given notice all affiliated board schools regarding change of examination center and practical center due to Covid 19.

It has come to the notice of the Board that because of Covia Sandemic students of classes – X and XII alongwith Their families have sented to some city / country and therefore, they are unable to appear in the peace examination / theory examination from the school / examination center from where students are registered for the Boards examination looking into the problem, CBSE has decided to permit the change in exam center. The process for making a request in this regard would be as foi

I) It is mandatory, that the student should have been ssued Roll Notes the Examination by the CBSE. ID) Student concerned will make a request to the school requesting to ganger theory examination center / practical examination center of both as the case may be).

II) While making the request student will also inform the song ang city (state), student would prefer to appear in the theory examinado

iii) Based on the request received by the school from the student, so will logo into school account on the CBSE website and submit the details of the side ie Name of the student, Roll No. Change required in theory Changerous in Practical. Change required in both, required city / country etc.

iv) The choice of city from where student wishes to appear in the exam should be submitted carefully as no change will be allowed once request submitted by the school.

V) In case change for both theory examination center and Pracicais nous both will be changed to one city only. Two separate centers que foi and one for practical will not be allowed. vi) Based on the request, CBSE will allot the examination center in the same or in neighboring city. Decision of the CBSE will be final. vii) During the conduct of practical examination, marks will be uploaded as instructions by the school from where the student has appeared in the Practical exam.

School from where student was registered will mak Tie  Transter case in front of the name / R.  No of the candidates in the online result of these candidates will be declared from the anal offices from where they were registered all the Regional Officers will ensure that mats of all such as are on website till 11th June, 2021.  In case, there is any candidate who is sure tom casable to par in the practical examination school can also make a restorant the same login id the schedule for the entire process will be as 1) Students can send the request to the school ay 25 March  2) School will upload the requests latest by 31 March 2001 No request beyond the above schedule in any one hale by the CBSE for change of center. 

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