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Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning (SAFAL) – 2024-25

SAFAL: Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning (SAFAL), a competency-based diagnostic assessment as per the recommendation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 at para 4.40, was launched by CBSE in its affiliated schools in July, 2021. As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the quality of education and foster competency-focused learning, SAFAL is being conducted in July 2024 for the students of grades 5 and 8 of schools affiliated to CBSE. The detailed schedule of assessment is given at annexure- 1.
The following points should be noted for effective conduct of this assessment:

  1. SAFAL is a diagnostic assessment aimed at assessing the achievement of competencies by learners. This is neither a competition nor a qualifying/certification exam. The primary purpose of SAFAL is to diagnose the areas where more efforts are required for quality teaching-learning in the school.
  1. As SAFAL is a competency based assessment, no extra class or specific preparation is needed. Classroom teaching that is competency focused and learner centric is sufficient.
  1. Only the school-level competency reports will be given to all participating schools. Schools will be able to see only their own report without any comparison with any other school.
  1. The school level reports of SAFAL assessments will not be made public and will not be shared with any other school. This will be done to ensure that the results remain confidential and the school is able to extract maximum benefit from the results and feedback provided through the SAFAL reports.
  1. Thus, SAFAL is a tool for assessment of the teaching-learning practices at schools and should be taken with this spirit only.

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  1. It is the responsibility of the school authorities to ensure that the SAFAL assessment is conducted in their schools with utmost sincerity and integrity, as per standard operating procedures and guidelines for SAFAL provided by the Board from time to time.
  1. It is highlighted that the technical foot-prints will be on record during the administration of this assessment and data scrutiny will be carried out.

We look forward to your continued support for this prestigious project.

Schedule of Activities
for schools registered for SAFAL 2024-25

Activities S.


Details of the


Specifics Timeline


1. Edit window Data review and editing by


28th June to 5th July,2024

(will not be extended).


English medium schools

22nd July to 12th August, 2024 11974 Schools willparticipate
2. Grade 8 Science 22.07.2024 (Monday)

23.07.2024 (Tuesday)

Maths 24.07.2024 (Wednesday)

25.07.2024 (Thursday)

Language 26.07.2024 (Friday)

29.07.2024 (Monday)

3. Grade 5 EVS 30.07.2024 (Tuesday)


Maths 01.08.2024 (Thursday)

02.08.2024 (Friday)

Language 05.08.2024 (Monday)

06.08.2024 (Tuesday)

4. Buffer days 07.08.2024 (Wednesday)

08.08.2024 (Thursday)

09.08.2024 (Friday)

12.08.2024 (Monday)

B. SAFAL Pilot for

Hindi medium schools

20th August to

28th August, 2024

In 671 (approx.) Schools will participate
5. Grade 8 Science 20.08.2024 (Tuesday)
Maths 21.08.2024 (Wednesday)
Language 22.08.2024 (Thursday)
6. Grade 5 EVS 23.08.2024 (Friday)
Maths 27.08.2024 (Tuesday)
Language 28.08.2024 (Wednesday)
7. Buffer days 29.08.2024 (Thursday)

30.08.2024 (Friday)

*Please note: Due to the closure of schools, one more cycle ONLY for schools in Middle Eastern countries and those in the states of Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Himachal Pradesh shall be conducted in the month of September 2024. Schools need to participate ONLY as per the schedule given above.

Process for Editing

Note: The Edit Window will be open from 28th June 204 to 5th July 2024. It will give registered schools an opportunity to review and edit/update the data submitted during SAFAL 2024-25 registration.
During this window, schools must review and make necessary corrections, if required. Schools are requested to:

  1. Ensure that data of students in Grades 6 and 9 for the academic year 2024-25 is entered

(those who have been in grades 5 and 8 in the academic session 2023-24).

  1. Fill only the CORRECT numbers of computers, available in school, connected to SINGLE LAN. Please note, that the batch size of students appearing for the assessment depends entirely upon the numbers of computers connected to a SINGLE LAN
  2. Select “Hindi” only if the school is a Hindi-medium school. This selection will help the school to participate in the SAFAL Hindi Pilot (August 2024) for the students who are studying with the medium Hindi.
  3. Review and correct any other details such as teacher information (those who have taught Grades 5 and 8 in Academic Session 2023-24) or any other incorrect entries.

Process of Editing SAFAL Registration Data During Edit Window

Step 1: Open SAFAL portal using this URL:

Step 2: Enter the LOC/ OASIS credentials to login into SAFAL portal

Step 3: After login Click on “Edit School Details” section, fill in all the basic details ofschool and press ‘Save’ button to save the details.

Step 4: After saving the school details, open the next tab “School Sections”. Instructions given above will appear when you click on this tab.

Step 5: In this provide details of grade and section wise medium of instruction, of your school by clicking on “Edit Section”.
You can Edit multiple sections using “Edit Section” button again.

Step 6: Then, click on the “Next” button to access the next section i.e.,“Add/Edit Teachers”. Alternatively, you can click on tab Add/Edit Teachers to access that


There are two options to edit the details of the teachers.

Option 1: Download the sample teachers excel file. Fill the teacher’s details as per guidelines given in the file’s header line in the spreadsheet and upload the teacher Excel file. Teacher OASIS Code is the ID of teacher given on the OASIS portal.

Sample Teacher Excel File 1

The data in the excel file will be uploaded and show up in the grid as given inthe image below. Then, click on the “Save” button to finally save the details.

Option 2: Add the teacher details manually by clicking on “Add a new record”


Editing and deletion of the individual data can be done using the icons given under the Action column. Multiple records can be deleted using “Delete selected records” button.

School can also download the teachers’ data using the “Export” button in .csv file that can be opened up in excel to verify the details of the teachers finally uploaded on the portal.

Step 7: Move onto the next section i.e., “Teachers Sections”. Select an individual teacher of your school and provide details of the sections taught by the teacher (grade, medium, and subject). Then, click on “Save”.

You can also delete the individual data by clicking on the “Delete” button under the column “Action”.

Step 8: Click on the next section i.e., “Add/Edit Students”

There are two options to fill in the details of students.

Option 1: Download the sample students Excel file. Fill the student’s details as per guidelines given in the file’s header line in the spreadsheet.

Sample Student Excel File 1

Upload the Excel file filled with student data and click on “Save” button.

Option 2: Add the student details manually by clicking on “Add a New Record”


Editing and deletion of the individual data can be done using the icons given under the Action column. Multiple records can be deleted using “Delete Selected Records” button.

School can also download the student data using the “Export” button in .csv file that can be opened up in excel to verify the details of the students finally uploaded on the portal.

Step 9: Click on the last section i.e., “Declaration” and click on “Final Submit”


Please check data as school will not be able to modify the data after final submission.

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