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CBSE Online Training Program Free for Teachers and Students 2023 [ Portal]

CBSE Online Training Program Free for Teachers and Students 2023 [ Portal]

In this post you can see all about the CBSE Online Training as Free IT Training Program for Teachers and Students 2023 [ Portal]. All IT students and IT teachers may register for this online training program.

Industry Engagement & Technology Exposure Program for CBSE students- CBSE Online Training

In continuation to CBSE Circular No. 101/2022 dated 09.09.2022, Circular No. 137/2022 dated 02.11.2022 and Circular No. Skill-11/2023 dated 20.01.2023, CBSE in partnership with Microsoft shall be offering the next batches of the ‘Industry Engagement & Technology Exposure Program for students’ across CBSE schools during January and February 2023.


Microsoft, through its Global Learning Partners, would be conducting virtual sessions (CBSE Online Training) on technology exposure and industry engagement for students.

Brief about the program: CBSE Online Training


 Students will be oriented about various themes such as technology areas, inspiring industry talks, career insights, entrepreneurship and hands-on exposure to implement their ideas.

Students would have opportunities to work on mini projects as teams. They will submit their projects at the end of the program. (CBSE Online Training)

 Mini challenges and assignments will be provided to students during the program for continuous assessment and engagement.

 Students will be given orientation on several tech areas and opportunities to participate at National and International level challenges on Coding/Applications of AI.

 Leaders from the industry will deliver guest talks on each day of the program. (CBSE Online Training)

CBSE Online Training: Themes to be covered.

 Technology Exposure- Cloud, AI, Analytics among others.
 Coding and its applications.
 Insights and lessons from career journeys of practitioners.
 Entrepreneurship – from idea to making it happen.
 Implementing innovative ideas.
Mode and Duration:
 Online (virtual).
 Five days, two hours per day and time for project work and showcase.

CBSE Online Training – Certificates:

 On successful completion of the program, certificates will be given to students. Registration:
 Teachers can register on behalf of students using any ONE of the following links. (CBSE Online Training)
 There are two options to choose from and both are equally good and would provide uniform experience.
 The detailed agenda from the respective programme can be viewed after registration.


Option 1 Option 2

Dates of trainings

2nd May to 10th May 2023

1st June to 9th June 2023


Registration Link 1 (Closed)


Registration Link 2 (Open)


Email and query for Free Online training

cbse online training

Please note that: (Free Online Training)

  1. The programs are open to all CBSE schools.
  2. There is no fee for registering for these trainings.
  3. The registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. However the Microsoft Global Learning
    Partners will reach out to the registered teachers for subsequent session details.
  4. Once a teacher registers, Microsoft Global Learning Partners will share the joining link on the
    email provided in the registration form.

CBSE Free Online Training Portal Link

CBSE Free Online Training Circular PDF


50_Circular_2023 CBSE online training portal

Teacher Online Training Sessions to be conducted by CBSE in partnership with Microsoft

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