CBSE IPS for Payment System Started for Practical Exam Class 12 2022-23

CBSE IPS for Payment System Started for Practical Exam of Class 12, 2022-23

CBSE Integrated Payment System (IPS) for payment in respect of conduct of Practical Examinations/Project Assessment for 2022-23.

The Board has started Integrated Payment System (IPS) for payment of practical
external examiners (2022-23).
For the best use of the system which is different from previous IPS, the
The following is desired from the schools:-
A. Read the User Manual of IPS and note the fields required to be filled in.

Collect the data to be filled in and ensure that data filled in is in 100% correct.
Schools should remain in touch with IPS for latest updates and if need be, take
appropriate action as desired.

Once data is filled in, CBSE will start releasing the payment in automotive mode.

The facility of entry and editing/correction facility will only remain available on the IPS portal as per dates given below. After the given dates the IPS system will be closed for the Practical/Project Assessment-2022-23.

Once the payment is pushed by the bank into the accounts of school and
external examiners/observers, the school will collect information about the
successful and failed payments.

In case of Rejected and Failed payments,
the schools will contact the concerned functionaries and immediately update
data as reflected and desired in IPS by logging into their accounts.

CBSE practical exam ips 2022-23
CBSE practical exam ips 2022-23

Description of IPS Date of
Session 2022-23.


Date upto which the
will be allowed


Date upto which
the Corrections
will be allowed


All the schools are therefore requested to initiate immediate action to ensure timely
completion of activities of submission of data in IPS and Corrections (if any). Also,
schedule may please be adhered to so that Board can release the payment on time.

Official circular for IPS of CBSE Practical Exam 2022-23

IPS for cbse practical exam 2023

Pdf of IPS of CBSE Practical exam 2023

If you have any query regarding CBSE practical exam exam 2023 of session 2022-23. Write in the comment below.

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  1. Hello sir/ ma’am
    Kindly let me know whether the cbse has started making payments to observers for class XII practicals.
    I have not received till now but I came to know that its done.
    thank you.

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