CBSE Improvement Exam 2021 | Notification released for dissatisfied students to 12th result 2021

CBSE Improvement Exam 2021 | CBSE released new notification for dissatisfied students to result 2021 soon

Now lot of students and schools are dissatisfied for cbse result class 12th 2021.

Students dissatisfied due to 12th result 2021
Students dissatisfied due to 12th result 2021

They are giving examination option to students. Exam will be taken in Aug or sep 2021.

Cbse was released 30 30 40 policy for result 2021 for class 12th, this policy is wrost ever by cbse board and also include historical result of school that was ridiculous.

Now the weak students got more marks and intelligent students are lost their marks due to cbse moderation policy 2021 result of 12th class.

20210802_Circular_Conduct of Comptt Exams XII 2021 CBSE Improvement Exam 2021

Now bright students will not take admission in college due to less prevented in 12th cbse result 2021.

Cbse have to make a good solution and have to remove this moderation policy that was not the favour of students.

Students just lost the self confidence due to this works cbse result policy for 12th result 2021. CBSE Improvement Exam 2021

Check regularly cbse official site for changes and notification. CBSE Improvement Exam 2021

  1. Open above given link of official site
  2. Go to latest notification section
  3. Find the news notification

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3 thoughts on “CBSE Improvement Exam 2021 | Notification released for dissatisfied students to 12th result 2021”

  1. Schools have favoured the children who have been studying for long time in their school. Many students who scored between 70-80 % in 10th have been given 90-95% in 12th. Those who scored above 90 % were given 70-80 % in 12th. It was a celebration time for those who were failure. Only failure and toppers are relieved but the majority of the students who study only for board exams at the last moment are the loosers. Is moderation policy justified??? Where majority are sufferers just because they were preparing for competition. These students were disturbed due to the cancellation of exams. Please do not harass these students. They have lost the confidence and are unable to take a decision whether to appear in the board
    or not. The board cannot punish the students who could not fair well in 11th exams. Its my humble request if the board can remove the clause that written exams marks will be the final and not the marks given by school. Out of these best should be taken for result.
    CBSE board is student friendly board . This way board is not being friendly but have crushed the dreams of lot many students. They have left no where , lost the year also.

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