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IP Class 12 Term 1 (CBSE) Model Sample Paper of KV with Answers PDF 2021-22

IP Class 12 Term 1 Model Sample Paper (CBSE) of Class 12 with Answers KV PDF 2021-22

IP Class 12 IP CS Term 1 (CBSE) Model Sample Paper of Class 12 (XII) KV MCQ PDF with Answers 2021-22

  • CBSE IP Paper Class 12
  • CBSE CS Paper 12
  • CBSE IP Model Paper class 12
  • CBSE IP KV Paper Term 1 2021
cbse cs ip paper questions pdf kv mcq

Pre-Board Examination Term-I
Subject: Informatics Practices (Code-065) Time Allowed: 90 minutes
Class – XII Maximum Marks: 35

Section – A
Section A consists of 25 questions, attempt any 20 questions.

Answers are given on end of the page.

1 Consider a series
S= pd.Series(10, index=[10,20,30]).
What will be output of the following command?
>>> print(S[20])
a. error b. 20 c. 10 d. 30

2 Which of the following object you get after reading CSV file by using pandas?
a) DataFrame
b) Character Vector
c) Panel
d) All of the mentioned

3 Observe the following code :
import pandas as pd data = {
“calories”: [420, 380, 390],
“duration”: [50, 40, 45]
df = pd.DataFrame(data) What will be the output of
>> print(df.loc[0])

4 The command used to create an empty series as Series([ ], dtype: float64)
a) S=pd.Series( )
b) S=pd.Series(np.Nan)
c) S=pd.Series(empty)
d) None of these

5 In a Series, to know about the dimensions(number of axis), we use
a) <objectname>.ndim
b) <objectname>.dim
c) <objectname>.nsize
d) <objectname>.nbytes

6 Identify the code to put the values along with missing values in a series
a) Obj=pd.Series([7.2,NaN,7.3])
b) Obj=pd.Series([7.2,np.NaN,7.3])
c) Obj=pd.Series([7.2,NULL,7.3])
d) Obj=pd.Series([7.2,,7.3])

7 Using Python Matplotlib, out of the following which can be used to count how many values fall into each interval
a) Line plot
b) Bar graph
c) Histogram
d) Charts

8 Which of the following is not a valid plotting function in pyplot?
a) bar( ) b) hist( )
c) histh( ) d) barh( )

9 Which of the following functions is used to check the number of rows in a DataFrame?
a) print(length(df))
b) print(length.df)
c) print(len(df))
d) print(length[df])

10 command is used to display a graph in the output window.
a) plt.title( )
b) plt.xlabel( )
c) )
d) plt.plot( )

11 In given code dataframe ‘D1’ has rows and columns.
import pandas as pd
LoD = [{‘a’:10, ‘b’:20}, {‘a’:5, ‘b’:10, ‘c’:20},{‘a’:7, ‘d’:10, ‘e’:20}]
D1 = pd.DataFrame(LoD)
a) 3, 3 b) 3, 4 c) 3, 5 d ) None of the above

12 is an attempt to steal, spy, damage or destroy computer systems, networks or their associated information.
a. Cyber-security
a) Cyber attack
b) Digital hacking
c) Computer security

13 The full form of Malware is
a) Malfunctioned Software
b) Multipurpose Software
c) Malicious Software
d) Malfunctioning of Security

14 By encryption of a text we mean
a) Compressing it
b) Expanding it
c) Scrambling it to preserve its security
d) Hashing it

15 Which of the following is not a type of cybercrime?
a) Data theft
b) Forgery by using electronic media specially Internet
c) Damage to data and systems intentionally
d) All above

16 Online posting of rumours, giving threats online, posting the victim’s personal information, comments aimed to publicly ridicule a victim is termed as
a) Cyber bullying
b) Digital Signature
c) Cyber insult
d) d. All of the above

17 Online personal account, personal websites are examples of:
a. Digital Wallet
b. Digital Property
c. Digital Certificate
d. Digital Signature

18 A is a unique data trace of a user’s activities, actions, communications or transactions in digital media.
a. Digital Handprint b. Digital Footprint
c. Offline Footprint d. Offline Handprint

19 After practical, Monika left the computer laboratory but forgot to sign off from her email account. Later, her classmate Sonam started using the same computer. She is now logged in as Monika. She sends inflammatory email messages to few of her classmates using Monika’s email account. Sonam’s activity is an example of which of the following

a) Plagiarism b) Hacking c) Identity theft d) Cyber bullying

20 are websites or applications that enable users to participate by creating and sharing content with others in the community.
a. Social media
b. Social channel
c. Social networking
d. None of the above

21 Which method is used to access vertical subset of a DataFrame?
a. iterrows( ) b. iteritems( )
c. itertuples( ) d. itercols( )
22 The legal and regulatory aspects of the Internet refer to .
a) Cyber Space
b) Cyber crime
c) Criminal law
d) IT Act

23 Assume an empty DataFrame df. The command, df.loc[‘a’] = [‘A’, ’B’, ’C’]
will add a new
a. Row to the DataFarme b. A new column to the DataFrame
c. Will generate an error d. None

24 Function used to delete a row from a DataFrame is:
a. remove( ) b. delete( ) c.
drop( )

25 By default the plot function plots a
a) Histogram b) Pie chart
c) Pie chart d) Line chart

Section – B
Section B consists of 24 Questions (26 to 49). Attempt any 20 questions.

26 Consider the following graph (Figure 26). Identify the code to plot it.

a. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.plot ([2,7],[1,6]) )
b. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.plot([1,6],[2,7]) )
c. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.plot([2,3],[5,1]) )
d. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.plot([1,3],[4,1]) )

Figure for Question 26
27 How many values will be there in array1, if given code is not returning any error?
>>> series4 = pd.Series(array1, index = [“Del”, “Che”, “Mub”, “Agr”])
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

28 Read the statements given below and identify the right option
Statement A: A Line plot is a graph that shows the frequency of a data along a number line.
Statement B: The legend is displayed by default associating the colours with the plotted data.
a. Statement A and B are correct and Statement B is correct Explanation of statement A.
b. Statement A and B are correct and Statement B is not correct Explanation of statement A.
c. Statement A is correct, but Statement B is incorrect
d. Statement A is incorrect, but Statement B is correct

29 Which of the following statement will create an empty series named “S1”?

a. S1 = pd.Series(None) b. S1 = pd.Series( )
c. Both of the above d. None of the above

30 How many elements will be there in the series named “S1”?
>>> S1 = pd.Series(range(5))
>>> print(S1)
a. 5 b. 4 c. 6 d. None of the mentioned

31 Write the output of the following :
>>> S1=pd.Series(14, index = [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’])
>>> print(S1)
32 The fraudulent practice of directing internet users to a bogus website that mimics the appearance of legitimate one in order to obtain personal information such as passwords, accounts numbers etc. This is known as

a) Eavesdropping b) Pharming
c) Bulling d) Trolling

33 All pandas data structures are mutable but not always mutable.

a) size, value b) semantic, size
c) value, size d) none of the mentioned

34 is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own:
a. Plagiarism b. Copyright
c. Patent d. All of the above

35 Abdul deleted all his chats from all his social media accounts, and he thinks that all his traces are deleted completely. Is he right in thinking so?

a. Yes b. No c. May be d. Not sure

36 Which function will be used to read data from a CSV file into pandas data frame?

a. readcsv( ) b. to_csv( ) c. read_csv( ) d. csv_read( )

37 operating system come under FOSS.
a. Ubuntu b. iOS c. Mac d. Windows

38 package come under FOSS.
a. Libre Office b. Open Office
c. Both of the above d. None of the above

39 What will be the output for the following code ? import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
S = pd.Series (np.random.randn(2)) print (S.size)
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 3

40 The correct statement to read from a CSV file in a dataframe is :

(a) <DF>.read_csv(<file>)
(b) <File>. read_csv( )(<DF>)
(c) <DF> =<file>)
(d) <DF> = pandas.read_csv(<files>)

41 Assuming the given series, named stud, which command will be used to print 5 as output?
Amit 90
Ramesh 100
Mahesh 50
John 67
Abdul 89
Name: Student, dtype: int64
a. stud.index b. stud.length
c. stud.values d. stud.size to

42 A social science teacher wants to use a pandas series to teach about Indian historical monuments and its states. The series should have the monument names as values and state names as indexes which are stored in the given lists, as shown in the code. Choose the statement which will create the series:
import pandas as pd
Monument=[‘Qutub Minar’,’Gateway of India’,’Red Fort’,’Taj Mahal’] State=[‘Delhi’,’Maharashtra’,’Delhi’,’Uttar Pradesh’]

a. S=pd.series(Monument,index=State)
b. S=pd.Series(Monument,index=State)
c. S=pd.Series(State,Monument)
d. S=df.Series(Monument,index=State)

43 Which command will be used to delete 3 and 5 rows of the data frame? Assuming the data frame name as DF.
a. DF.drop([2,4],axis=0)
b. DF.drop([2,4],axis=1)
c. DF.drop([3,5],axis=1)
d. DF.drop([3,5])

44 Radhika is a new learner for the python pandas, and she is aware of some concepts of python. She has created some lists, but is unable to create the data frame from the same. Help her by identifying the statement which will create the data frame.
import pandas as pd Name=[‘Manpreet’,’Kavil’,’Manu’,’Ria’] Phy=[70,60,76,89] Chem=[30,70,50,65]

a. df=pd.DataFrame({“Name”:Name,”Phy”:Phy,”Chem”:Chem})
b. d=(“Name”:Name,”Phy”:Phy,”Chem”:Chem) df=pd.DataFrame(d)
c. df=pd.DataFrame([Name,Phy,Chem],columns=[‘Name’,”Phy”,”Chem”,”Total”])
d. df=pd.DataFrame({Name:”Name”, Phy :”Phy”,Chem: “Chem”})

45 Difference between loc() and iloc():

a. Both are Label indexed based functions.
b. Both are Integer position-based functions.
c. loc() is label based function and iloc( ) integer position based function.
d. loc() is integer position based function and iloc( ) index position based function.

46 What we are doing in the following statement? dF1=dF1.append(dF2) #dF1 and dF2 are DataFrame object
a. We are appending dF1 in dF2
b. We are appending dF2 in dF1
c. We are creating Series from DataFrame
d. None of the above

47 Write the output of the statement
if df has the following structure.

Name Class Rollno
0 Amit 6 1
1 Anil 7 2
2 Ravi 8 3

a. (3, 4) b. (4, 3) c. (3, 3) d. None of the above

48 Write the output of the statement
>>>df.empty ,
if df has the following structure:

Name Class Rollno
0 Amit 6 1
1 Anil 7 2
2 Ravi 8 3

a. True b. False c. 0 d. None of the above

49 To read specific number of rows from CSV file, which argument is to be given in read_csv ( ) ?

(a) rows = <n> (b) nrows = <n>
(c) n_rows – <n> (d) number_rows = <n>

Section C
Section C consists of 6 Question (50 to 55). Attempt any 5 questions.

Case Study
Rabhat made following data frame as df.

50 Which statement will print the size of the data frame ?

a. print(df.size) b. print(df.Size)
c. print(df.Size( )) d. print(df.size( ))

51 Choose the Python statement to display only name of student of last two rows of above data frame.

a) df.loc[0:2,‘Name’) b) df.loc[0:1,0:1])
c) df.loc[0:2,1] d) df.loc[1:2,’Name’]

52 Salvia, a student needs to display the record of student whose roll number is 103. Help her to identify the correct set of statement/s from the given options :

(a) df1=df[df[‘rollno’]==103] print(df1)
(b) df1=df[rollno==103] print(df1)
(c) df1=df[df.rollno=103] print(df1)
(d) df1=df[df.rollno==103] print(df1)

53 What will be the output of print(df.loc[ : 1,’Rollno’ : ’Marks’])

54 Which of the following command will display the column labels of the DataFrame?

(a) print(df.columns( )) (b) print(df.column( ))
(c) print(df.column) (d) print(df.columns)

55 The class teacher wants to add a new column, Grade with the values, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘A’, to the DataFrame. Help her choose the command to do so:

(a) df.column=[’B’,’A’,’A’] (b) df [‘Grade’]=[’B’,’A’,’A’]
(c) df.loc[‘Grade’] =[’B’,’A’,’A’]
(d) Both (b) and (c) are correct


Pre-Board Examination Term-I
Subject: Informatics Practices (Code-065) Time Allowed: 90 minutes
Class – XII Maximum Marks: 35
General Instructions:
• The paper is divided into 3 Sections- A, B and C.
• Section A, consists of Question 1 to 25 and student need to attempt 20 questions.
• Section B, consists of Question number 26 to 49 and student need to attempt 20 questions.
• Section C, consists of Question number 50 to 55
Answer Key

Ques.No Correct Opt Ques.No Correct Opt Ques.No Correct Opt
1 C 21 B 41 D
2 A 22 D 42 B
3 B 23 C 43 C
4 A 24 A 44 A
5 A 25 D 45 C
6 B 26 A 46 B
7 C 27 D 47 C
8 C 28 B 48 B
9 C 29 C 49 B
10 C 30 A 50 A
11 C 31 A 51 D
12 B 32 B 52 A
13 C 33 C 53 A
14 C 34 A 54 D
15 D 35 B 55 B
16 A 36 C
17 B 37 A
18 B 38 C
19 C 39 C
20 A 40 D

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