CBSE Class 10 Information Technology (IT) Digital Documentation Term 1


                Question Correct Answer Knowledge Based / Conceptual / understanding / Skill Based
1)  Which of the following file extensions is not compatible with Open Office Writer?  i) .txt 

ii) .doc 

iii) .sxw 

iv) .csv

d) .csv Knowledge Based
2)  In Open Office Writer, mail merge option is present in which menu? i) insert

ii) format

iii) tools

iv) form

(iii) tools Knowledge Based
3) To make a word bold, Italic, underline which toolbar you are going to use? i) Standard

ii) Drawing

iii) Formatting

iv) Status

iii) Formatting Understanding Based
4)  Which type of watermarks you can add to a page? 

a) Picture watermark       

b) text watermark

c) Animated watermark  

d) Audio watermark

i) a and b

ii) a and c

iii) b and d

iv) c and d

i) a and b Understanding based
5) Which of the following is not shown in status bar of Open Office Writer? (i) Total Characters

(ii) Current page number

(iii) Total numbers of words

(iv) Author name

iv)  Author name Knowledge Based
6) This feature of word processor is used to create a single letter for multiple people  i) copy and paste

ii) previously saved document

iii) template

iv) Mail Merge

iv) Mail Merge Understanding based
7)  Which one is not a image wrapping option present in open office writer? i) Parallel

ii) Equal

iii) After

iv) Before

ii) Equal Knowledge Based
8)  What is the shortcut of page preview? i) Ctrl + shift + O

ii) Ctrl + shift + R

iii) Ctrl + shift + S

iv) Ctrl + PR

i) Ctrl + shift + O Knowledge Based
9) Which one is a valid data source extension for mail merge to save contacts? i) .csv

ii) .odt

iii) .odp

iv) .ods

i).csv Knowledge Based
10) What is the shortcut key of style and formatting? i) F1

ii) F12

iii) F11

iv) F10

iii) F11 Knowledge Based
11) In which menu style option is present? i) Insert Menu

ii) Tools Menu

iii) Edit Menu

iv) Format Menu

iv) Format Menu Knowledge Based
12) What is the shortcut key of change case in Open office Writer? i) Shift + F2

ii) Shift + F3

iii) Shift + F4

iv) Shift + F5

ii) Shift + F3 Knowledge Based
13) If you want to create a index which menu you will use? i) Format

ii) Edit

iii) Insert

iv) Tools

iii) Insert Understanding Based
14) Which menu you will select to insert a template? i) File

ii) Insert

iii) Format

iv) Edit

i) File Knowledge Based
15) Select the correct combination of options present in style and formatting window? i) Paragraph, page, image, frame, list

ii) Paragraph, Border, character, frame, list

iii) Paragraph, page, character, frame, Indent

iv) Paragraph, page, character, frame, list

iv) Paragraph, page, character, frame, list Understanding based
16) Prisha is a newspaper editor. she wants to use a preformatted document to set the layout of newspaper. Which option should she use to do so? i) Style

ii) Templates

iii) design

iv) drawing

ii) Template Competency Based
17) Gaurav has inserted an image in a document. He wants to remove the unwanted area of the image. Which option of the word processor he will use to complete the


i) Clip art 

ii) Cut 

iii) Crop 

iv) Contrast

iii) Cut Competency Based
18) Ananta school created a list of people with address and saved it for future use in open office calc as csv file. Now they are using the same csv file in mail merge to create a letter for multiple people. What is the proper term should you use for this list of contacts school is using in mail merge? i) Mail Merge 

ii) list

iii) Templates 

iv) Data Source

iv) Data Source Competency Based
19) Abhishek  is a  designer.He added a triangular image in his design with text. He wants to set the text closely to the edges of the image. Which wrap option should he use to do so? i) Tight

ii) square

iii) through

iv) Behind the text

i) Tight Competency Based
20) Akhil is a cameraman. He want to upload some images on his website converting a particular area of that image into hyperlink. Which option should he use to create this type of hyperlink? i) hyperlink

ii) image map

iii) grouping

iv) caption

ii) Image map Competency Based


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