12th Maths Syllabus [2022] – Download Class XII Mathematics Syllabus PDF [CBSE]

12th Maths Syllabus [2022] – Download Class XII Mathematics Syllabus PDF [CBSE] 2022-23

12th Maths Syllabus [2022] – Download Class XII Mathematics Syllabus PDF [CBSE] for session 2022-23.

CLASS-XII (2022-23)
One Paper – Max Marks: 80

Units no. No. of Periods Marks
I. Relations and Functions 30 08
II. Algebra 50 10
III. Calculus 80 35
IV. Vectors and Three – Dimensional Geometry 30 14
V. Linear Programming 20 05
VI. Probability 30 08
Total 240 80
Internal Assessment 20
Unit-I: Relations and Functions

  1. Relations and Functions 15 Periods
    Types of relations: reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations. One to one and onto
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Definition, range, domain, principal value branch. Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions.
  3. Unit-II: Algebra :-: Matrices
  4. Concept, notation, order, equality, types of matrices, zero and identity matrix, transpose of a matrix,
    symmetric and skew symmetric matrices. Operation on matrices: Addition and multiplication and
    multiplication with a scalar. Simple properties of addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication. On-
  5. commutativity of multiplication of matrices and existence of non-zero matrices whose product is the
    zero matrix (restrict to square matrices of order 2). Invertible matrices and proof of the uniqueness of
    inverse, if it exists; (Here all matrices will have real entries).
  6. Determinants
Cbse class 12th syllabus 2022-23
Cbse class 12th syllabus 2022-23l

Conduct of Periodic Tests:
Periodic Test is a Pen and Paper assessment which is to be conducted by the respective subject teacher.

The format of periodic test must have questions items with a balance mix, such as, very short answer (VSA), short answer (SA) and long answer (LA) to effectively assess the knowledge, understanding, application, skills, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Depending on the nature of subject, the subject teacher will have the liberty of incorporatingnany other types of questions too. The modalities of the PT are as follows:
a) Mode: The periodic test is to be taken in the form of pen-paper test.

b) Schedule: In the entire Academic Year, three Periodic Tests in each subject may be
conducted as follows:
Test Pre Mid-term (PT-I) Mid-Term (PT-II) Post Mid-Term (PT-III)

Tentative Month July-August November December-January.
This is only a suggestive schedule and schools may conduct periodic tests as per their convenience. The winter bound schools would develop their own schedule with similar time gaps between two consecutive tests.

c) Average of Marks: Once schools complete the conduct of all the three periodic tests, they will convert the weightage of each of the three tests into ten marks each for identifying
best two tests. The best two will be taken into consideration and the average of the two shall be taken as the final marks for PT.
d) The school will ensure simple documentation to keep a record of performance as suggested in detail circular no.Acad-05/2017.
e) Sharing of Feedback/Performance: The students’ achievement in each test must be
shared with the students and their parents to give them an overview of the level of learning that has taken place during different periods. Feedback will help parents formulate interventions (conducive ambience, support materials, motivation and morale-boosting)
to further enhance learning. A teacher, while sharing the feedback with student or parent, should be empathetic, non- judgmental and motivating.

It is recommended that the teacher share best examples/performances of IA with the class to motivate all learners.

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Download PDF of class 12th maths syllabus 2022-23

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