Cbse date sheet 2024

CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 12 & Class 10 PDF Download

CBSE Date Sheet 2024 will be available from dec. 2024 for CBSE board exam 2024 of class 10 and class 12.

CBSE will release the date sheet of class 12 and class 10 before 2 months of exam. Pdf of CBSE date sheet 2024 will be downloaded from CBSE official website

CBSE Date Sheet 2024

All CBSE students are waiting for date sheet 2024 of class 12 and 10. Students and teachers are very excited to see the exact date sheet of CBSE board exam 2024.

Although CBSE just announced the exam starting date for board exam 2024. As per CBSE the official CBSE board exam is expected to start from 15th February 2024.


CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 12

Key Highlights:

Release Date: CBSE generally announces the date sheet at least two months before the commencement of the exams. Keep an eye on the official CBSE website and other reputable sources for updates.

Subject-wise Schedule:

CBSE date sheet 2024 will provide a detailed schedule for each subject, including the date, day, and time of the examination. Students should carefully note down the dates to plan their preparation in a systematic manner.

Examination Sequence:

CBSE usually follows a specific order while conducting exams. Understand the sequence to be well-prepared for the exams and avoid any confusion.

Breaks and Gaps:

The date sheet will also highlight any breaks or gaps between exams, allowing students to utilize that time for revision and rejuvenation.

Changes or Rescheduling:

In certain situations, CBSE might announce changes or reschedule exams. Stay updated and be aware of any official announcements to avoid any last-minute surprises.


CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 12 PDF Download

Cbse date sheet 2024

CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 12 pdf 
Subjects (Can be changed) CBSE Class 12th Exam Date (Tentative)
Entrepreneurship 15 February 2024
Biotechnology, Engineering Graphics, Electronics Technology, Shorthand, Food nutrition & dietetics, Library & Information Science 19 February 2024
Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, kathakali, banking 24 February 2024
Food Production, office procedure, and practice, design, data science 


On February 26, 2024, Early Childhood Care and Artificial Intelligence.

29 February 2024
Music 2 March 2024
English Elective & Core  March 2024
Beauty & Wellness, Russian , marketing 6 March 2024
Retail, Agriculture, Multimedia 9 March 2024
Chemistry 11 March 2024
Bengali, financial markets management, typography,medical diagnostics, tektite design 13 March 2024
Geography 15 March 2024
Yoga 18 March 2024
Hindustani Music Vocal 20 March 2024
Physics 21 March 2024
Legal Studies 23 March 2024
Language 25 March 2024
Mathematics 27th March 2024
Physical Education 29th March 2024
Fashion Studies, Biology 30th March 2024
Economics 1st April 2024
Painting, Graphics, Sculpture,applied art 2nd April 2024
Political Science 4th April 2024
Information practices, Computer Science 5th April 2024
Business Studies, Business administration 7th April 2024
History 8th April 2024
Accountancy 9th April 2024
Home Science 11th April 2024
Sociology 11th April 2024
Psychology 12th April 2024

Steps to Download PDF of CBSE Date Sheet 2024

  1. Open CBSE official website
  2. Go to latest update section
  3. Select link of CBSE date sheet 2024 for class 10 & 12
  4. Download pdf


CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 10

As per CBSE official notification released on 12 July 2024, CBSE will conduct board examination of class 10th and 12th for the academic session 2024-24 from 15th February 2024.

The exam of CBSE board 2024 will be conducted approximately 55 days. The exam will be concluded by 10th April 2024.

CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 10 PDF Download

Cbse date sheet 2024

Officially CBSE has not released any date sheet for 2023-24 exam yet.

CBSE may release date sheet of board exam 2024 in December month of 2023.

Currently in all websites are showing tentative dates of exam 2024. You can follow CBSE official website or blog to download pdf of CBSE date sheet 2024.


CBSE Practical Exam Date Sheet 2024 Class 12

CBSE has just announced the date schedule of the practical exam of class 12 for winter bound school.

For summer bound school, the practical schedule date sheet 2024 is not released yet. Practical of summer bound schools may start from January 2024.


Video for CBSE date sheet 2024
Cbse date sheet 2024 class 10 and 12

FAQs for CBSE Date Sheet 2024

When CBSE will release date sheet of 2024 exam of class 10th and 12th?

CBSE official may release board exam date sheet of class 10 and 12 in the month of December 2023. For latest update logon to

Has CBSE released datesheet of 2024 exam?

No CBSE has not been released datesheet of 2024 exam right now. Datesheet may released in December month of 2023. Practical may be started in January 2024.

When CBSE board exam is starting?

CBSE board exam is starting form 15 February 202 and exam end mid of April 2024. Regular gaps will be there in the exams for preparation.

How can I download CBSE exam datesheet of class 10 & 12?

CBSE date sheet of 2024 is not released yet of CBSE officia. You can download datesheet fro CBSE official website or private blog

Which website is official website of CBSE?



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