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AI For All CBSE Program 2021 for teachers and students by board and intel

AI For All CBSE Program for teachers and students of cbse board and intel

Teachers and students can register them self on ai for all program free. This program is organised by cbse and intel.

About AI For All

‘AI For All’ is a self-learning online program designed to raise public awareness about Artificial Intelligence. It aims to demystify AI for people from all walks of life – a student, a stay at home parent, a professional in any field, a senior citizen – basically, anyone interested in getting acquainted with it and wanting to build a ‘Digital First Mindset’ (AI for all CBSE)

AI for all, The program is divided into two sections: AI Aware, and AI Appreciate. (AI for all CBSE)

Both sections can be completed in about four hours. Each section is based on AI related concepts explained through engaging activities and quizzes. Passing this quiz grants the User a badge that they can share on their social media accounts. The users can take this quiz as many times as they want. After they complete these quizzes, they become bearers of AI Aware and AI Appreciate badges.

Section 1 : AI Aware

AI Aware illustration
Defines what is Artificial Intelligence
Talks about Human Intelligence
Helps to differentiate AI and non-AI machines, and Unravel popular misconceptions around the technology.

AI Aware Badge

Section 2 : AI Appreciate
AI Appreciate illustration
Describes the different domains of AI, their impact on various industries
Elaborates about the principles of responsible AI and AI ethics

AI Appreciate Badge

Post the completion of both sections, the users can take it forward by making a self-learning plan for themselves. They can choose the domain they are interested in and begin their self-paced AI learning journey

The AI For All program is available in 11 Indian languages and the entire content is compatible with various talkback applications to make it completely accessible for visually impaired.


What is AI For All ?
Who is this program for? AI for all CBSE

Who all should/ can attend/ participate in it?
What is the duration of this program?
What all is covered in the program?
What are the prerequisites for this program?
What will I get once I complete the program?
Can I call myself an AI expert after attending this program?
I have finished the program. What is the next step?
I am unable to select my birth year on the registration page. What should I do?
I did not receive the verification mail. What do I do?  AI for all CBSE

They are providing free AI training to teachers. Making strong artificial intelligence teachers through training with cbse incorporation with intel. AI for all CBSE

You may also reach out – (AI for all CBSE)


(9 am to 8 pm; Monday to Friday

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